Stint Striped knit cardigan



The first thing you probably think of when you hear the words spring and summer, would be fresh pastels and bright, vibrant hues. But, when it comes to fashion the options are endless, and the style is limitless. Black, white and neutral greys are definitely one of the most consistent look on the runways for spring and summer 2014. What could go wrong with the ultimate classic combination of these two clean and sophisticated shades? Especially when you add a fierce element to the pieces such as leather or even acid wash denims with the same hue, then you have a perfect mixture of elegance and edgy.

There is just something so sexy and powerful when it comes to incorporating leather into your outfit. The beauty of this trend is that it has become very versatile that you can wear it with a lot of other elements that could go from daytime casuals, to red carpet formals, it can even work gorgeously as a business outfit– think crisp white shirt with a pencil cut leather skirt. It is very easy to pull off and is very wearable for all your daily activities, while looking sleek and striking. If you’re in the hunt for quality and chic pieces to add to your closet for this season, Carmakoma can give you a variety of this classic combination that will leave you asking for more.

Carmakoma offers a wide assortment of fashionable pieces with their own distinctive touch, that will flaunt off every women’s beauty and personality. Each pieces are unique, sexy, and edgy. Now, as they launch their Spring and Summer 2014 collection, you can only expect a lot more of chic rock and roll style, edge and elegance all rolled into one.


When it comes to black and white combination, the best way to look pulled together without looking over the top is with black and white stripes detailing. It gives a French fashionable vibe with a touch of preppy.

Stint Striped knit cardigan Melica Striped knitted boat-neck top Gladiolus Black laser cut flair skirt


Some may say that Grey is such a serious shade, but it is one of the most versatile and neutral shade, if you’re torn between black and white. Go grey, it’s the perfect middle hue when it comes to basic pieces in your wardrobe.

Vireo Shirt dress Swift Shirt Scaup Metallic knit cardigan Pilosella Metallic knit top Edith Grey frill-sleeved top


There is nothing more classic than wearing an all black outfit, especially when it comes to dresses. It became so popular ever since one of the most famous and influential designers – Coco Chanel, coined the term ‘LBD or little black dress’, and until now it continues to represents timeless and modish fashion, which is easy to wear and easy to accessorize. It is a piece that you must have inside your closet, and you can never have too many of the LBD.

Sandpiper Long sleeved black dress Pyrola Black stretch shift dress Mentha Black polka dotted dress


Give your blue and dark denims a rest, and give way to shades of acid washed grey denim jeans for a more stylish twist to a classic casual look.

Scilla Shiny black flair dress Sambuscus Black polka dotted shirt blouse

Narcis Grey denim jacket


When it comes to prints and patterns, the variation of choices can be overwhelming, of course in a good way. But, if you’re getting a little bit tired of all the splashes and combinations of bright colors, then it’s about time to shift into something more minimal and  fresh– black and white prints, from big and bold graphics to dainty florals or even to a little bit of abstract swirls.

Salix Floral printed dress Rosa Floral printed dress Muscarie Long cardigan Malva Long printed dress Lupinus Printed dress


What could be more sophisticated and chic than wearing a white ensemble? It displays such fashionable command and composure, plus the fact that it is so easy to glam up or dress down, which can be perfect for daytime to nighttime activities by just changing or adding up accessories or outerwear. It is also very versatile that you can wear it with anything, I mean anything.

Cornus Coat with gold buttons' Lutea Long shirt tunic Oriole Sugar Shirt blouse Sativus White embroidered tunic

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