Despite the fact that come fall, we can no longer catch a tan, we can still catch the sun’s rays…no matter how elusive they become. How? Sequins and shine, of course! Once a staple of nightlife, sequins are strolling into day time, and for good reason too. This fun Fall 2012 trend is here to bring a little light into the gray of autumn. Bloomingdale’s has cashed in on this with a large collection of dresses. They’re the perfect vehicle for this trend as the two are made for one another. No party is complete with at least one shiny dress. However, there are a few other pieces which, when paired with neutral colors and fabrics, can spice up your day-to-day outfits. Sequined skirt? Check! Fun light reflecting shirts? Check! Work or play, this plus size fashion trend is here to help you celebrate and not hide your curves. MORE IMAGES →


Every once in a while, someone comes along with a great idea that sweeps the fashion world. Sometimes, it’s such a simple idea, that most people are left banging their heads against the wall for not being the first ones to think it up. Well, that once in a while has come around again and this time, Caviar Manicures are bringing a fresh breath to the world of nail art! MORE IMAGES →