Iggy High Waist Bikini (2)



Summer basically consists of the 4 S’s– Sun, Sand, Sea and Swimsuits! This hot and sizzling season won’t be complete without hitting the beach with your friends, who doesn’t love hanging out under the sun and digging your toes into the sand, right? Make sure you have the perfect pair (or pairs) of swimwear before planning any beach trips, to have that truly impeccable and unforgettable summer. Hit the malls or check online stores before it’s too late, you know how hard it can be to choose swimsuits over a wide assortment of style -from modern, basic and now even retro infused designs which are the latest trend in swimwear.

Speaking of retro, we’ve witnessed the comeback of vintage 50s fashion not only with clothes, shoes, accessories and hairstyle, but also with swimsuits. We’re talking about one piece and high waist two-piece swimsuits. This summer you can walk along the shore, and sun bathe in style with these gorgeous and versatile collection by Rue that showcases rocking retro inspired pieces with a modern twist. It is the swimsuit season, so better get your beach bag ready with all the summer necessities especially with these fabulous pieces by Rue that will surely make you standout at the beach, or of course even just by the poolside.


One Piece Swimsuits

Even if you are more into the conservative side, you can still keep the temperature rising by accentuating your body in flattering one-piece swimsuits, it gives full coverage with a chic minimalist vibe, these style of swimwear is anything but basic. It’s a real summer classic that has become a staple to most women because of its simple cut and structure that naturally hugs and highlights your curves in the most complimenting way. Have fun in choosing from a variety of designs from feminine and whimsical ribbons to bold geometric prints, and get ready to receive second glances and admiration along the way.

Coney Island One-Piece Swimsuit Sail Away One-Piece Swimsuit


High Waist Two-Piece Swimsuits with Halter Neckline

You don’t need to worry about looking like a grandma when it comes to wearing vintage especially when it comes to these styles of swimwear. The high waist two-piece swimsuits revival will definitely be in your favor because of its old school essence but with a contemporary look. It is very stylish and wearable, and will without a doubt suit any body type. The bright and bold colors and prints give a youthful appeal to the whole look, and the halter neckline straps flaunts off the shoulders beautifully.

Egypt High Waist Bikini (2) Egypt High Waist Bikini Miley Bikini Top Bombdiggity High Waist Bikini



Strapless High Waist Two-Piece Swimsuits

You know you’ve got it, so you better flaunt it! Opting for two-piece swimsuits will give you that subtle sexiness because it will display off your figure by just showing the right amount of skin. It is ultra sleek and it compliments any shape and curves. Check out different detailing on these pieces, and the only difficult task you’ll ever encounter would be finding what designs you would opt for–modern prints, geometric patterns, stripes and a lot more. You can even mix and match the tops and bottoms for a more fun and exciting pair.

Lovebug High Waist Bikini Iggy High Waist Bikini Iggy High Waist Bikini (2) Hudson River Bandeau Bikini



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