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Girl With Curves’ Sophistication With A Twist


StylishDressing has always been a huge fan of Tanesha Awasti, better known asĀ GirlWithCurves. Take a look at these images of this beautiful sophisticated yet sexy look from her Tumbler blog.

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Beige has become a new classic when it comes to neutral colors, and no wonder! For darker skinned women, it really makes the skin glow and for lighter skinned ones, it creates a nude effect which blends with the skin tone. For plus size women, beige may present a challenge as, like white, it tends to make us look bigger than we are. Thankfully, there is a very easy fix for that: a dark, tailored blazer. As you can see on the model, the blazer has worked to create shape and accentuate the figure.

We recommend dark skinny pants to finish off the outfit. We know that most plus size women tend to stay away from skinny jeans because they tend to make our thigs look big, but in this case, the length of the tunic will work in your favor. It covers up precisely that part and makes the legs look skinnier. Add some nude heels and you’re set to ace that interview.

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And, after you’re done, you can go straight to a coffee date with your favorite boy to celebrate!

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