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You’ll see lace as one of the most consistent trend in terms of fashion, almost every designer has used it on their latest innovative collections. It’s classic and chic and will definitely never go out of style because of its timeless quality. It’s very versatile that you can achieve endless looks with laces, from vintage to modern, or from casual to red carpet formals. It is a one of the ultimate style staple especially during Spring and Summer, with different colors, textures and even lace patterns to choose from. You can go from sheer detailing or full covered lace feature.

Cocktail dresses with lace bodice

Lace dresses comes in different styles and designs. If you don’t want to go full on lace, then there are dresses which use lace as a complimentary style that gives a whole new modern twist and balance to the whole look. Like cocktail dresses with lace bodice or oftentimes it features a lace detailed skirt instead. The skirt or top can be made of a different material that creates a two tone look, which also gives an effortless figure flattering effect. It is a simple yet very elegant style that can be worn to night events or parties, and it can even be worn to business meetings paired with the right types of accessories.

Adrianna Papell Lace Bodice Banded Dress Adrianna Papell Lace Bodice Banded Sheath Dress Adrianna Papell Lace and Knit Dress

Cocktail dress with sheer lace overlay

Another modern look for the lace dress is having it as an overlay over an inner lining. You can have a different colored inner lining to have a lovely contrast with the lace, creating a two tone look. There’s something romantic about this look, which can also be perfect for dinner dates, or for attending special events such as debutante’s ball or weddings when you don’t want to go for a full length frock. This style is ultra chic, especially when worn with the right jewelries such as pearls that goes perfectly beautiful with lace.

Kiyonna Tiers of Joy Lace Dress Kiyonna Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress Kiyonna Retro Glam Lace Dress Kiyonna Gigi Lace Cinch Dress IGIGI Rachelle Lace Dress in Onyx IGIGI Rachelle Lace Dress in Black Rouge IGIGI Melina Plus Size Dress in Berry IGIGI Leigh Plus Size Lace Dress in Red IGIGI Leigh Plus Size Lace Dress in Gold Anna Scholz Lace Prom Dress

Full lace cocktail dresses

If you want to go all out lace with this iconic trend, you won’t have to worry anymore that you’re going to look like you were stuck from the 80s because full lace cocktail dresses comes in the most stylish cuts and even sexy silhouettes that you can play shoes and accessories with. Shorter hemlines also give it a more fun and flirty vibe along with different kinds of sleeves that gives a semi casual to a glamorous touch to your look.

Kiyonna Luna Lace Dress IGIGI Melina Plus Size Dress in Charcoal Gold Anna Scholz Lace Gathered Border Dress Adrianna Papell Sleeveless Lace Sheath Dress Adrianna Papell Lace Shift Dress Adrianna Papell Lace Overlay Sheath Dress

Cocktail dress with lace accents

Lace has become so modern that you can also see them worn as shorts or as blouses, paired with casual to business pieces. When it comes to a more formal look, there are also  cocktail dresses that only features lace accents such as lace collars, lace sleeves or even lace appliques or embellishments. Lace has definitely come a long way in the fashion world. It can be the main highlight of the dress or a complimenting feature that still gives a touch of  vintage appeal to the entire look and while giving it a striking balance.

IGIGI Venice Dress Kiyonna Valentina Illusion Dress IGIGI Paola Dress Kiyonna Analisa Lace Column Dress

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