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This year’s spring/summer collections all across the globe is reminiscent of last year’s 2013 Fashion Week which featured the spring and summer collections of all the who’s who in the industry. In fact, IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel is joining the season’s parade of colors with their Spring Awakening plus size collection. Named after the popular Broadway and West End classic, the collection boasts eye-catching prints, colors, and patterns that will bring new life to your wardrobe. They’re just right for this season of life, color, rebirth, and yes, flowers.

Jewelry is one of the most colorful accessories a lady can have. Inspire yourself with new pair of earrings from Spring Awakening, IGIGI’s Spring 2013 collection. Notice that this pair is reminiscent of Birds of Paradise- just fitting for springtime. Once you get inspiration from the jewelry it’s pretty easy to follow through with the rest of your wardrobe

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Maxi dresses are a must-have for this season. Whether you’re wearing it to a laid-back day wedding or a tea-time bridal shower, it’s always nice when the dress is made of exquisite fabric.

This style, which comes in blue and red, comes with a plain, color block top enclosed in a pair of black straps and a cinched waist. This small bustier emphasizes the glorious oriental floral print on the silk skirt.

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For days when you’re unsure about whether the weather is a bit on the chilly or warm side, these three-quarter sleeve maxi dresses are your best bet. The elegant twist bust tops off a nice draping that starts from the chest and glides freely down to the hemline.

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Wrap dresses and tops are a great way to show off an ample chest while toning down the curvy hip and thigh. This is because the waist is cinched, giving the illusion of a wasp-waist when the fabric drapes downward in either an A-line or a pencil cut bottom.

carmelle-wrap-front (587x800) Ishiko Top in Teal klesey-wrap-dress-grape-front-1 (587x800) miley-top (587x800)

Another way to pull off this look is by wearing low cuts that are cinched at the waist and have a full skirt at the bottom. The plunging neckline draws the eyes to the full chest you are blessed with while it subtly points downward to a smaller waistline that is highlighted by the full, flowing skirt. These dresses from the Spring Awakening Collection give you that hourglass silhouette instantly.

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If you would rather stick to a more conservative neckline, square necklines look just as slimming when they top an A-line dress. These two varieties from the collection are made with a light fabric overlay at the skirt making it wide enough to give you a full, hourglass figure.

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Spring wear is not just for casual getaways and spring gatherings. They’re also great for the office. Keep in mind that the colors are light, airy and bright such as lavender, poppy, and yellow. You can’t go wrong with florals, too. Pair tops with this theme with black slacks or pencil skirts, and you’re still keeping with the trend.

jodie-top (587x800) marissa-orchid-kallie2- (587x800) Velena Top From IGIGI

Spring is definitely the time to restock your closet. Remember, when you do get the inspiration to restock, consider these pieces from IGIGI’s Spring Awakening. They’re slimming but not the less best-suited for plus-size women.

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